Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gabbie finally gets her new family and home.

Gabbie has been waiting here at Canaote for news of her final home. She is a wonderful little girl. She has been brave in the face of her injuries and I can say that her recovery is well under way. She has big eyes and views the world intelligently. She loves television so I hope her new home has one available for her.

Yesterday morning her new Papa arrived. He came by autobus from Valencia and we met him in Tinaco. Then quickly transferred him to Canaote. Julian is her new Papa. As soon as he arrived he wanted to hold her. He stayed with us through Saturday till Sunday morning. Naturally I had many questions for Julian and maybe I bored him with too much advice. After all, he has been a Papa to two Howler monkeys for many years. We already had an acquaintance with him because he had visited us on a previous occasion.

A young baby poses many problems that are not apparent with older monkeys. Sudden refusal of food or drink is among them. These symptoms have to be recognised and addressed. Bad interpretation can be life threatening. All the time I was with Gabbie and her new dad my feelings of satisfaction with his understanding of her needs was reinforced. They spent quality time together during the day and in the evening she slept comfortably in his arms. That night they were together and the night was uninterrupted.

Early Sunday morning we were able to take them both to the station in Tinaco. Within a few hours I received a call from Julian to say that they had arrived safely at his home in Valencia and that the journey had been uneventful.

I am certain that this is the final move she will experience. She deserves love and a safe home. She was cruelly ripped from her family in the trees and that cannot be mended. But we can be sure that she lives a good life among her own people with the help of her human friends. Julian also cares for Felipe, a gentle adult male. I am certain that he will also look out for her.

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