Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update on Saco

We ran tests on Saco's feces. He has parasites although not a serious infestation yet. He has blastocitys homini 7 and quiste de giardia lamblia x 10. We began treatment right away. I guess he is about 9 months old. He appears in good health. Good appetite, red gums, and firm pooh pooh. Superficial examination of his teeth show black areas. This could be staining from eating certain kinds of leaves. I will take a better look tomorrow. He appears to be well fed. He is still in quarantine until we give him the all clear. Then we have to find a suitable place for him to live. For a wild monkey it surprises me that he is easy to handle. A more detailed look at him revealed a deep wound at the base of the tail. Fairly certain to have been caused by a shotgun. This child was offered to us even though we have vigorously shown the local community that we are absolutely against this wicked trade.
More news if it happens

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