Thursday, November 20, 2008

A busy week

Last weekend we had many visitors. The family of Lucio drove down from Caracas, starting out very early in the morning and arriving here at about ten o'clock. The family of Jako arrive from Tinaco at the same time.

Although Gilda was visiting Lucio in particular, she always finds time to give the others some fuss. In our picture you can see her with Jako our lady newcomer. The children were very appreciative of the gifts of two brightly coloured hammocks. Monkeys love hammocks.

Jako has begun her 'get to know you', program. At first she was very timid, and only momentarily leaving the safety of my lap. I have been gradually introducing her to life in the enclosure and the company of other Monkeys. As the days have gone by she has become bolder and more sure of herself. Schatov and Lucio have behaved like perfect gentlemen. They have shown no aggressiveness. Monito, being very young has been a bit of a clown but all in friendly and encouraging sprit.

Yesterday was the breakthrough when her human family visited again. She is now sitting with the others and joining in their games. She is using the house and seems comfortable to share it with the others. So much so that last night I let her sleep in the house with the three boys. She really has adapted very well and quickly. This morning she joined in the chorus and I was very thrilled to see and hear that. She is also using all the toys; the swings, the walkways and the ropes. She is very athletic.

It has been interesting to see the changes in behaviour of the two adult males. Both Schatov and Lucio have been posturing in the macho style of Howlers. I publish this time a photograph of Schatov with his fur puffed up as for battle (that is Monito on the left). There is also a group photograph of human family Jako. On their last visit they brought many food gifts and a beautiful hammock, and spent many hours assisting in the maintenance and cleaning of all the enclosures. This work was much appreciated.

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