Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simian Samaritans in action again.






At Canaote we have operated an outreach for many years. Outreach is when we go out into the community and visit captive monkeys. We offer help and advice on food, conditions and health. Our team varies according to the needs of the monkey. When needed we provide a health care specialist or recommend a veterinarian known to be an expert in the particular problem. Not all Vets are experts with small animals.

Today we received some very sad news, Ramona, a monkey  that we were able to visit for some years, has died. She had been moved to a new home by her owners and we were not subsequently able to locate her. You can read her full story by looking up our blogging on Saturday, November 25, 2006 and later stories concerning her. We have not yet had any information about the cause of her death. The rest of the story is not yet complete because we hear from Gabriela, that Ramona  had fostered a young female Howler. We are being asked to accept this waif at Canaote. As I write I have received a phone call telling me that the owner of the waif is about to arrive here. We will post more about the new arrival soon.

Our picture shows Ramona enjoying a bunch of fresh offering directly from the forest that morning. In the picture she is at her original street home. You can see her chain at the top of the picture.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Let us know what happened, it makes me mad to learn about the pain and suffering of these kids.