Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of shoes ships and sealing wax.


Here are just a few practical hints about using our blog, in particular the buttons you see on the left hand side of this page.

The No data button you see, should give you a synopsis of the weather from our weather equipment at Canaote. It doesn't at the moment because the computer we use to transmit that data is out for repair. I hope to restore this as soon as possible.

The Donate button you will use if you want to make a donation to Canaote Rescue Centre using PayPal. It takes you to your PayPal account and holds your hand all the way through the painful process of giving away your money.

Google Translate is a new feature today which allows you to translate the current page into selected languages. You need to copy the Http address at the top of your Browser and paste this into the space provided on the translation page. It is a great feature for non English speakers.

Sitemeter can give you interesting statistics regarding the users of this blog.


Monkeys or Venezuela,please select below.

Will give you the choice of news published internationally about either Monkeys or Venezuela. Depending on what you select. Here I give you a warning. It looks literally for the word monkey and this may not be the  kind of monkey you had in mind.

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