Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singing in the rain.




It's raining hard outside but Schatov is not in the least disturbed. As you can see from his beard, he has already had breakfast and now is relaxing in the comfort of the house he shares with Lucio and Monito.

The house is a two story affair with a ladder leading up to the second floor. It was a gift from the human family of Lucio. They had it constructed by an expert carpenter in Caracas then transported to us here at Canaote by road. The expertise of the craftsman who made it is obvious. A great deal of care has gone into its construction. During this wet weather the children have every reason to be grateful for the gift.

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Anonymous said...

Schatov, my love!!! how handsome you are!!! I love you and soon will be there to hold you!
A huge kiss!

your mom