Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gabbie arrives at ARFA Canaote



At twelve noon today, Gabriela and I went by car to the home of Chippy's family. Chippy greeted us at the gate and showed that she had not forgotten me. She jumped on my shoulder and gave my ear a friendly bite. She has a very fine enclosure in the front of the house and there is a tall mango tree nearby. She is allowed to climb the tree and eat the young leaves. We were so pleased to see her at home and happy. But that was not the entire reason for our trip. We came to collect the young injured little girl Howler. You will know from a previous post that we were collecting her so that we could pass her on  to her new human father.

We were horrified to see the vicious injuries that she has sustained during her capture. One arm is dislocated and the other has a serious wound. She is a darling little soul and already I can tell you that she will reward the person who takes care of her with an abundance of love. But it cannot be easy going. She will require immediate medical attention. I know the person who has volunteered to be her foster father and I know he will devote himself to her 100%. Here is a picture of her soon after her arrival at Canaote. She is a little confused, but that is bound to be. By weekend she should be settled in her final and permanent home. She will have a big brother to care for her whose name is Felippe. Her name by the way is Gabbie.

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