Friday, December 05, 2008

Ramona the street monkey lives.

Today we were able to visit Ramona again on our outreach program. You can see the bunch of fresh leaves from the forest that we took her, in the photograph. She loves this plant. As you may know we visit monkeys who are not in our care. We are often able to give advice on feeding and accommodation. Just like humans, monkeys have their ups and downs in heath. Mostly these are trivial problems but occasionally life threatening. This is where we are able to give help on selecting Veterinary help we know are experienced with small animals and in particular Monkeys. Venezuela is not short of Vets but most of them are proficient with farm animals and only a few are specialists with the smaller patients.

We have been visiting Ramona for some years. About a year ago she disappeared from her tree in the streets on Tinaco. We were told that she had bitten a passerby and had been moved to a village some distance away. We tried many times to locate her but without success. Finally we were told by a local vet that she had been informed by the owner that Ramona had a serious parasitic blood infection and had died during medication by a human doctor.

The family of Jako are acquainted with Ramona. When Jako arrived here at Canaote, we were told that Ramona was back in Tinaco and was happy and well. We did not know what to believe until I was able to go visit last week. I found her in excellent health. Athletic, beautiful sheen on her coat, red gums and as you can see from our photograph, in the peak of condition.(isn't she beautiful?).

She is well cared for by her owners and much loved. We notice that some effort is being made to provide her with an enclosure so that the chain can be removed from her waist. You can see the chain in the photograph. One problem must be addressed soon was that she was on heat today. She needs a husband.

We are so happy to see her alive and well. We took many more photographs. You will see some more of them soon.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Me alegra que Ramona este viva.

Tiene un pelaje precioso y brillante, sintoma de buena salud.