Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Canaote Volunteers

They arrived early this morning. 'Okay, where is the wheel barrow and the shovel and the rake and broom?',they said. They worked tirelessly through the day in spite of the heat. Only stopping briefly for lunch. They scrubbed all the cement floors of the enclosures. They made channels in the walls of the enclosures to allow rainwater to flow away more easily. This meant using a heavy chisel and hammer to break the brickwork. They moved big piles of leaves that had fallen from the forest during the rainy season as well as heavy boughs that had broken off during storms of wind and rain. This was no quick visit. They came to work and they did.

Who are they? You have met them before. Luis, Nora and Eduardo. They are the family of Jaco. They came to visit their little girl but also spent time with all the children. They brought gifts of food for the monkeys which is very welcome. But more than anything they are not people of empty words, they really came to help.

Blessed are they who love our little children.

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gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip me alegro de ver que personas como Luis, Nora y Eduardo, lo hayan ayudado con la limpieza y el mejoramiento de los recintos, se les agradece mucho su ayuda.