Monday, December 22, 2008

Saco settles in.

Just over three weeks ago, Saco came in from the forest. We believe that his captors released him into the forest when they failed to sell him. He searched the forest for his family in vain. His mother was probably killed by the boys who captured him. He had a severe shotgun wound in his tail when he arrived here.
He had to undergo, what must have been for him, a frightening experience. He unwillingly submitted to treatment for his parasites and the hole in his tail. He was a wild monkey and except for being carried around in a sack, had no previous contact with humans. Why should he trust us? He had every reason to fear us.
But patience and love conquer all. Progressively over the weeks he has ventured closer to me. He has already made peace with first Tutti and then Manina and Miss Billy. Tutti has been an example to him. Saco has seen Tutti playing with me. Jumping on my shoulder and swinging from my arms. This has given him the confidence to take food from my hand and,today even lick me. Saco has now settled in well. He is in good health and behaves as a member of the troupe. He is a delightful young person and a bit of a comic. He is fun to be with.

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