Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's mango time again.

We begin February 2007 with a surprise. Already the mangoes are falling to the ground. By local reckoning, they are a full month early. This will make a welcome addition to the children’s breakfast. Monkeys love mangoes.
Marco is settling down in his new home in Manrique and we are getting daily reports of his progress. Apparently, he is quite keen to meet Vicky but Vicky is showing well-mannered reserve. She watches him with interest but from afar. I will keep you posted on their progress. Maybe Gabriella will give us some photographs when Marco and Vicky get together. We have no news about the two Howlers that have asked to come here. Negro a little boy from Valencia and Lala a young lady from Caracas.
The actual logistics of feeding five groups of monkeys, all in different locations, maybe of interest. Until recently, it was necessary to take each individual plate to the location. We have constructed a carrier so that all five the plates can be delivered on one round journey. This saves a lot of legwork and speeds up the feeding routine. We show a photograph of the prototype. You see there the evening meal of mixed vegetables. Only four plates this time, because Marco is no longer with us.

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