Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ramona is back on the street.

There is some good news about Ramona, the street monkey of Tinaco. She had posed a threat to passersby and I suspect that she had bitten someone, although I was never told that. All monkeys bite, especially when frustrated. I posted showing her appalling conditions. A tree in a dirty rat infested area of refuse behind a local shop. The owners promised me that they would construct a large enclosure for her. This has not been done.
However, she has been moved back to her favorite tree in the street. She greeted me with kisses yesterday when I visited her with some fresh leaves from the forest. She recognized me and was excited to see me.
The owners, who are caring people and do love her, told me that she was ‘on heat’. Could I take her to Canaote for a week or so and introduce her to a male?
Now of course this is magical and fantasy thinking. What would happen if Ramona had a baby? There would be very little problem for the first six months or so, whilst the baby would be clinging to the mother’s back but after that?
Two chained monkeys in a street tree. Worse still, separated, perhaps sold or handed over to a shelter. If these good people want to give Ramona the semblance of fulfillment in her life, the least they can do is build a large enclosure for her, where she could bring up her child. I would expect this minimum. They have plenty of suitable land in their yard. Over the next days, I will be bringing all the influence I have to convince them to do this.
My picture shows Ramona today, very mature now and very pretty. I estimate her age as four years. She is in excellent health and there is no reason why she should not be a successful mother if given the conditions.

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