Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Negro, first pictures

Negro arrived with us last Saturday and is proving to be quite a challenge. He is terrified of everyone. He is also being difficult to feed. He is so concerned about being caught that he ignores his food. He has now started to feed himself but we have had to rely on bottle feeding for some days. I have some concern about his motility and spatial control. When he walks he crouches close to the ground. It was my plan to keep him near me for at least a few weeks and in that way to give him confidence. However the motility problem has caused me to revise that plan. I believe that basically he is a healthy,one year old animal but a year in a small cage has limited his movement skills. I have transferred him to an outside enclosure in the daytime. He returns to the house and my company in the evening. From his large outside location, he can climb and has a view of several of the other children. Yesterday he spent quite a long time close to Sussy’s house and there was some interaction between them. I am seeking some veterinary advice for him. But whatever the daily dose of sunshine must be beneficial. I know that he has been treated for rickets. I wonder if this behavior is related to that condition. On examination, his leg and arm muscles seem strong and healthy. I will keep you posted on the progress of Negro.

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