Monday, February 26, 2007

Breaking News!

The hot new is that Negro arrived here at Cañaote on Saturday. He was introduced to us by Nancy the Veterinary Surgeon from Valencia. She brought with her his human family, Maria. We were delighted to meet Nancy and her son again and Maria, visiting us for the first time. Negro is one year old and very handsome. He has a very large hyoid bone. He has a problem. He is intensely anxious about his new surroundings. I understand that he spent a great deal of time in a cage, although he was taken out and handled. Here of course we expect the children to be handled a great deal. We share our lives with them and they share with us. Maybe not everyone would approve but our children mainly come from human, caring environments and we try to keep that balance between recognizing their dignity and their learned human responses.
Where is he? Where is his photograph? Answer question number one. Open my bedroom door, turn right and check the bottom draw of the chest on the left. He is too terrified now to adventure around the place much. He is in a strange location among people he does not recognize. It will take a while before he loses his fear. In the meantime, he is being bottle fed, he is not interested in the fruit and veg that we are offering. Love and patience are needed and we have plenty of both. We took him around yesterday, and introduced him to some of the others. MonaLisa was very positive, she likes him. Emma was positive, much to my relief. Schatov and Manina ignored him. Hoping I suppose that he would go away.
Photographs, well wait a few days.

The hyoid, a supportive bone at the base of the tongue, is enlarged and formed into an egg-shaped hollow box, which acts as a resonating chamber.

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