Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rosita is an adventuress.

Rosita is an adventuress. (not a wanton strumpet) She is small but she packs enthusiasm into everything that she does. She is first at the watering hole. Nobody beats Rosita to the milk or plates of food. Because she is slim, she can easily wriggle through the wire of her enclosure into the upper part of the big mango tree that is overhead. She spends much of the day hanging by her tail there or eating its leaves. This is much to the consternation of her playmate, Nancy, who being a little larger around the waist, cannot follow Rosita through the wire into the tree. I say she is an adventuress because, I placed some extra fine wire in the location where she exits the enclosure but she has found a very circuitous route, through a side panel, then up onto the roof and the across a low hanging bough into the Mango Tree. These two very young female howlers have completely different personalities. Nancy is suspicious and not very approachable whilst Rosita is trusting and outgoing. Regardless of her small size, she plays with the two boys Mañiña and Schatov as an equal and she is not in the least intimidated by them.

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