Sunday, January 28, 2007

Au revoir mon Cher

I feel silly sitting here with tears racing down my face but I can’t help it. Marco has been playing alone for many months now. He swings on his ropes, climbs his ladders and runs around his walkways and all at high speed. However, he is lonely. Gabriela has a beautiful lady Howler, called Vicky she is also alone and craves for a friend to keep her company. We decided to put them together. Marco is a young adult and not far off wanting to be a father and raise a family. Putting them together is the best solution for both these children.
I have nurtured Marco since he was a tiny 500 grams. I have been with him everyday for the last three years, feeding him, playing with him. Sussy was his foster mother and she cared for him during his childhood, carrying him everywhere on her back.
Just like any father, I am tearful now my boy leaves home. Selfish? Yes because that is the nature of love. But I know I can visit him whenever I like and in the famous words. I have not lost a son, I have gained a daughter. We will watch him develop his new life with fascination. He will be free in the trees at Manrique He will share his life with Vicky. I love them both.
Our picture shows Marco just moments before he drove away with Gabriela on his way to his new life. In a cage for the journey but only for a very short while.

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