Monday, January 08, 2007

We are eating Champedak

The Christmas/ New Year festival is over and gradually the world has begun to resume its normal rhythm. People turn in for work and I now spend more time with the children rather than scrubbing their floors. This month we are expecting a new lady arrival, Lala who will be coming from Caracas. When we have more information about her I will mail it. We are expecting Marco to leave us and go to live in Manrique with Gabriela, Vicky and Ronnie. I shall miss his cheeky play but we plan to visit him often. He has lived here with Sussy since he was very small but now he needs younger female company.
Cañaote is a Botanic Garden. We specialize in rare fruits. Monkeys love fruit, and above all, love variation in their diet. We often have something rare and delicious to add to their meals and they find it irresistible. This week our Jackfruit X Champedak hybrid is ready for picking. For those of you who have a botanic leaning, (Artocarpus heterophyllus X Artocarpus integer).
We have some pictures of the children enjoying the Champedak. First is Rosita and Schatov, always good friends. Then Schatov saying 'Hey that’s my piece'. Finally, Mañiña really enjoying the fruit.

Note. This plant was deliberately hybridized by Singapore Botanic Garden. Because it was so successful, they distributed the seed worldwide. We obtained our seed from Australia.
You can see the children eating the Arils, the fleshy part around the seed.

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