Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nature's bounty

These are some of the fruits available in Cañaote Botanic Garden this week. Needless to say the monkeys really love them.
The large red fruit that looks like a heart is Annona reticulate or ‘Corozon’. Sometimes known as ‘Custard Apple’. Grown from seed here at Cañaote in February 1998. It is a native of Tropical America. It makes great ice-cream and juice.
The little yellow fruit is ‘Pouteria Ross’ or ‘Ross Canistel’. Probably a hybrid of ‘Pouteria camechiana’ and is the best tasting of the Canistels. Our cutting was planted in August 1999.
This was a selection from the monkey's breakfast preparation. The fruit was picked freshly this morning.

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