Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our prayers for this little boy.

It has been my custom to visit websites where the keepers of other breeds of monkey exchange ideas.
My mission is the shelter and rescue of Howler monkeys in Venezuela.
I have no quarrel with those who care for primates in private
facilities. I have also said that I have no problem with dealers who
legitimately breed primates for sale. This can be the ultimate
salvation of the primates when we have finally destroyed their
habitats. I do hope I have made this clear.
Not against legitimate private ownership.
Not against controlled breeding for sale.
There is a difference between breeding for sale and collection with shotgun from the wild.
So it was with horror that I read the following letter from an owner in the USA.

'I have an adult male rhesus macaque that needs to be placed in an
experienced home. He is not tame and is not for breeding as he tries to
hurt the females. He must be picked up in Arizona. You must have a dart
gun and a welded steel crate to transport him. If you are interested
please call me at xxx xxxxxx'

Where did this monkey come from? Why is he so angry. If he is not tame then what is he doing in a cage? What sort of kindness is it that starts with a dart gun in hand?
I pray for his salvation from this torment, join me.

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