Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sussy looking young and pretty

Sussy is an old lady but still very active and athletic. A few months ago we noticed some loss of hair and also the tone of her legs muscles gave us some concern. Gabriela, her human mother arranged for an analysis of the hair in the area of hair loss and discovered a parasitic infection. This was treated successfully. We also gave her a diet supplement to give her more vitamins and a little fish oil. The result has been dramatic. Here you see her this morning enjoying a forbidden ice cream with Longan fruit. Her coat is healthy and the tone has returned to her legs.

Note: The longan is native to southern China, in the provinces of Kwangtung, Kwangsi. The formal name is Dimocarpus longan
Closely allied to the glamorous lychee, in the family Sapindaceae, the longan, or lungan, also known as dragon's eye or eyeball, and as mamoncillo chino in Cuba, has been referred to as the "little brother of the lychee", or li-chihnu, "slave of the lychee". Botanically, it is placed in a separate genus, and is currently designated Dimocarpus longan Lour. (syns. Euphoria longan Steud.; E. longana Lam.; Nephelium longana Cambess.). We have an avenue of tall, mature Longans here at Canaote but fruit has sofar eluded us. According to the esteemed scholar, Prof. G. Weidman Groff, the longan is less important to the Chinese as an edible fruit, more widely used than the lychee in Oriental medicine.

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