Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Five thousand six hundred and thirty two dogs.

Last Sunday at about ten A.M. a procession of vehicles arrived at Cañaote and after a short period of organizing the car parking, the Asoguau Foundation ambulance arrived.
(A voice was heard from inside one of the enclosures, we think it might have been Maniña, ‘Oh no! Not again’).

Three Veterinary doctors and assistants as well as a support party came to carry out the neutering and spaying of dogs from the area. The ambulance has an electrical port on the rear for 220 volts, this we were able to provide.
Gabriela, our friend from Manrique also arrived and gave us great help on the organising side.
An invitation had been sent to all the local villages and farms, to bring their dogs for treatment. Eleven dogs were treated. In all cases the work went smoothly with no cause for concern. Looking back today in retrospect, we can say that all the dogs have been examined whilst giving them the follow up medication and all the patients were successful with no complications.

This is wonderful work that the Asoguau Foundation carry out and completely free of charge to the dog owners. A moment’s reflection shows that eleven dogs having eight puppies is eighty eight. Eighty eight having eight puppies is seven hundred and four and seven hundred and four having eight puppies is Five thousand six hundred and thirty two. And ………
We saved the world from being completely inundated with dogs.

At the end of the day the party relaxed for a while over a meal and then after our grateful thanks the party left for home near Valencia.

We are impressed with the professionalism and care and the shear hard work that the team showed. We made some new friends and are certain of future co operation with Asoguau Foundation. In particular we thank Nathalie, Roberto as well as Maria and Gabriela for making this visit possible.

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