Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tutti gets tucked up

Tutti was suffering from an insect infestation when he came to us. This is now under control and he is out of quarantine. He lost a considerable amount of hair on his crown and tail but this is now slowly growing back. He spends his day in a small enclosure in which he has sight of Schatov and Maniña and of course the outside world. He gets his fair share of sunlight, essential for a growing child. He is very young, probably about 5 months old. He seeks company. The highlight of his day is bedtime. He is allowed to share the bed with Schatov, who behaves like big brother. As soon as Schatov appears, Tutti makes happy noises and runs towards him. Not long afterwards they settle down for the night. Our new green parrot, ‘Tweetie Pie’ doesn’t want to be left out.
In our picture you can see the three of them together, Tutti tucked up with Schatov and Tweetie Pie settling down as well, and this is the line up for most of the night.

This week we received a call from and lady in Caracas about her monkey ‘Hugo’ could we take him? It was so urgent that she was going to motor down the next day. We heard no more. Hugo joins Willi in the Ghosts of Cañaote.

We are looking forward to Sunday. Our friends at Asoguau foundation in Valencia have organized an ambulance to visit us with no less than three Veterinary Doctors and support team.. They are going to carry out spaying and neutering of dogs in the area completely without charge. This is great work and I will report more on this event after the visit on Sunday.
I understand that Asogau have rescued a waif, a baby Howler of only 3 months. They have asked us to care for him and we believe he will arrive with them on Sunday. When will this terrible trade end?

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