Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rosita Houdina gives us cause for concern.

Rosita has given us some cause for concern. I have reported that she can easily pass through the wire of enclosure. She does this frequently during the day. Rosita goes on extended visits to Sussy and Schatov and Maniña. Recently she has added Tutti to her itinerary. What is more worrying is that yesterday she was seen walking along the high voltage security fence. At first I thought this was a visiting wild monkey. Her coat was puffed up and I did not immediately recognize her. This is the first time we have seen her at any distance from her enclosure. Fortunately, I have been cautious about using the high voltage equipment since discovering her wandering habits, and it was not switched on. We have been praying that she would put on a little more weight to prevent her escaping. Whilst it is true that she has put on a little girth she can still slip through. We have an alternative plan to construct a new home for this group with finer gauge wire. (MonaLisa, Rosita, Emma and Nancy). Having seen her on the fence yesterday has added some urgency to this project. We started the new construction in earnest this morning. My photograph shows her just exiting the enclosure; it is slightly out of focus. I will replace it with another when I have the opportunity.

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