Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tutti Arrives

Yesterday afternoon we received a call from our friends at Asoguau Fondacion. Robert and Nathalie are well known to us for the excellent work they do with animals. They had received a very young Howler male and asked if we could find a place for him. We agreed to accept him here and in spite of the lateness of the hour, they traveled many miles to bring him to us. We were pleased to welcome Nathalie, Roberto as well as Maria and Gabriela.
He is of course very young to be away from his mother. Yet another example of the cruel trade in Monkeys that still persists here in Venezuela. His chance of survival without very special care is remote. He also has a severe skin complaint. I am showing pictures of Tutti and also of the infection affecting his tail. This is caused by tiny mites that actually consume his fur. He also has a patch of this on the forehead and the feet. The progress of the infection can be very fast with large areas of fur lost in only one night.

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