Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Maniña is a very happy monkey but very sensitive. He likes to be with other monkeys but he has become very accustomed to human company. Both Maniña and Schatov are allowed into our house at night and they look forward to this because there is a late night supper to be had. One night last week their routine was broken. We had received a young Laurel parrot and we wanted to give her special care on her first night with us. The consequence was that Maniña and Schatov were not invited in on that occasion. The following day was a difficult one. Maniña was clearly upset. He did not respond when I offered him a monkey biscuit and turned his back on me. It took two hours of coaxing before he finally relented and jumped in my arms. I was forgiven but only after I promised not to do it again.

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