Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Emma and Nancy

Emma came to us from ARFA, although we were well acquainted before that. When she was quite tiny, we paid her frequent visits at the Hidra facility that ARFA operated at that time. In those days, ARFA released Howlers into the wild and all the preparation and quarantine of the monkey was aimed at that release. She was called Moneta by the staff, who had fallen in love with her. She is a very aggressive female. She defends her surrogate baby Nancy, furiously. This has made pairing her very difficult. Her natural partner would be Schatov but since she adopted Nancy she has lost all interest in him and is actually aggressive towards him. I am hoping that as Nancy grow that her attitude will change.
Many years ago we hosted a female called Emma. She had a child here at Canaote. Finally she released herself into the wild. She had an outstanding characteristic. She loved to walk and run on two legs and could often be seen standing on two feet. Well this is unusual for a Howler. Moneta, as she was then known, exhibited the same stance. We decided to rename her Emma. We hope that in other ways that Emma will one day emulate the earlier Emma and have a child.
Our picture shows Emma and Nancy alongside her.

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