Thursday, May 31, 2007

Madam Houndina

Rosita came to us from a family in Caracas on the 14th July 2006. She was very young and small and is still very small. This belies the fact that she is a big eater. Rosita is so slim that she can exit the family enclosure at will. Consequently she spends a large part of her day either in the trees above her house or she goes on visits to Sussy, whose garden is nearby. You can always find Rosita wherever food is being served. She also frequently pays social calls to Maniña and Schatov. I have not yet worked out how she gets into their enclosure because the adjoining wire is a small gauge. We are thinking of calling her Madam Houdina.

I will be happier when these forays into the surrounding area cease because she could be a security risk. In addition she could be in contact with areas where wild monkeys have marked out, with the consequent danger of cross infection. That will only happen when she puts on a little more weight and can not longer get through the wire.

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