Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ramona, where is she?

We have an outreach program. We visit Howler monkeys in captivity in our immediate area. In the past I have often mentioned Ramona, the street monkey in Tinaco, Cojedes. Yesterday we went to see her. I love to drive up slowly so that I can catch a first glimpse of her before she sees me. It really warms my heart when she recognises my car and begins to strain on her chain. As we got closer I started to worry. There was no sign of her in her tree. I searched behind the shop facing the tree. Sometimes she gets moved there, especially if she has been aggressive to a passerby. But no, there was no sign of her. I questioned the owner and she told me that Ramona had bitten a woman very severely on the hand and that Ramona had been moved to a location in a nearby town. We are attempting to locate her and I will report our progress here. Needless to say, we are very worried about her and her conditions. When will people learn that all monkeys bite. Howlers are not good pets however domesticated you suppose they are.

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