Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Marco in Manrique

Marco was only 500 grams when he came to us. He spent his early times here as a surrogate son to Sussy. She cared for him until early adulthood. Gabriela, our friend in Manrique, told us that there was an opportunity for Marco to live free in the trees with a lovely lady Howler, Vicky. We decided on the experiment. We transferred Marco to Gabriela and Vicky. This has been a great success. Vicky and Marco fell in love on day one. They are now inseparable. He is putting on a lot of weight, I scarcely recognized him, he is now so big. I hear that Vicky is also putting on weight but for a different reason. We are looking forwards to being grandparents. This photograph of Marco came to me from Gabriela yesterday and I knew that you would want to see it.

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