Sunday, May 06, 2007

Life is such a precious and delicate thing.

Life is such a precious and delicate thing.
In one breath you have it and in another it is lost.
I have to tell you about a tragedy.
Negro, our brave little rickets patient passed quietly into the other world.
He died this morning at 7.30 A.M.
The day before yesterday he was in high spirits and we all wondered at his great progress.
He had responded so well to the special diet.
Yesterday, he was very quiet and slept for most of the day. I suspected that he was unwell.
During the night I visited him and found that he was not in his hammock.
He was sleeping on the floor of his enclosure. I covered him with his blanket.
Early this morning I went to him again and found him dazed and cold.
I rapidly moved him inside the house and held him close to give him warmth.
He died in my arms.
We do not know why. He had no sign of infection. He had no fever and the illness was very short. Was it something that had been lurking in him for some time? Was it a virus that appeared from nowhere? He did not suffer. He went quietly in his sleep.
Our sadness is very great. He was a wonderful little boy so appreciative of everything that was done for him. We had such high hopes for him. We had planned his future. But instead we now mourn him.

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