Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy birthday Schatov

There is an air of repressed excitement over Cañaote today. Lorries have been arriving with stacks of rented chairs and tables. Flutes of disposable glasses and paper plate are on every available place. Boxes of crisps and paper napkins block the house corridor. The fridges are full of pink jelly. This can only mean one thing. Someone is going to have a party. Our picture shows Schatov having a quick snack before the party beginsSchatov is two years old today.
Well what a party it was. Totto and Sophie were the first to arrive. Schatov greeted them at the door, Then Sussy, our grand lady walked gracefully in. She pressed something into Schatov's hand; I guess it was a present. Rosita and Nancy came next with a lot of chatter as you would expect and they were followed by the two lovely ladies, MonaLisa and Emma. Maniña helped serve the jelly and custard whilst Schatov handed around the cucumber sandwiches. Somehow the sandwiches and the jelly got a bit mixed up but no one seemed to mind. Sophie not being too proud handed out the balloons and the crackers and soon the whole place was popping. Totto raised his glass and shouted 'toast', Schatov said 'sorry I forgot the toast', everyone laughed and joined in a chorus of 'for he's a jolly good fellow'. Followed at once by 'Happy birthday dear Schatov'. Schatov is clearly a well loved personality in this community. Everyone enjoyed the party and by the time that the last balloon was popped and the last rousing song was sung, we had some very happy and tired monkeys. Totto said,’ well off to bed'. Then everyone shook Schatov's hand, wished him, 'happy birthday', and left for home.

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