Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who love monkey biscuits?

Well monkeys do of course. They are delicious and I often nibble one myself. We have been trying to obtain a product called 'Monkey Chow', as a supplement to the diet here but we have been unsuccessful. The product is simply not available in Venezuela. We have researched the constituents and have broadly replicated it in our ‘Monkey Biscuit’. Basically it is a biscuit formed from oats, bran, whole milk powder, and a little brewers yeast. Since the biscuits are lightly baked daily, we are able to add fresh fruit such as mangoes and papaya and cocconut. The children love them. You might think that the biscuits are a little large for howler monkeys and you would be right. Before serving we chop them up into mouth size cubes so they are easy for the children to hold in their hands.

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