Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rosita's birthday party.

Well it all began quietly enough. Rosita stood at the door early looking at birthday cards. There was one from Sussy and another from Marco and Vicky. She was thrilled when William the delivery boy, brought in the birthday cake. She resisted the temptation to steal a bit from the side where the cream had overflowed slightly. She set the cake down on the big table next to the cucumber and salmon sandwiches. Taking their cue from her, all the guests started to arrive early. Totto was first in with Sophie on his arm. His coat was gleaming with good grooming. Obviously Sophie had helped him dress for the evening.
Schatov and Maniña were the next to arrive. Schatov was carrying a mysterious black bag. Whilst Maniña pressed a piece of half chewed biscuit into Rosita’s hand and said, ‘Happy birthday dear Rosita’.
MonaLisa arrived with Emma and Nancy; they were already wearing their party hats maybe the ones left over from Christmas.
Last of all came Tutti, he rushed up to Schatov because being very new he did not know any of the other guests. Since his arrival at Cañaote, Schatov has taken the little fellow under his wing.
Someone switched the player on and there was a gentle background of music against the chatter of conversation.
There were the usual assortment of party games and everyone was having a good time. After a time, Maniña stood up and announced that a famous magician called Shattering Schatov was here at the party and would do some tricks. At this point Schatov got up on the little stage and began to do some conjuring. His card prestidigitation has become quite famous. This all went fine until he said, ’for my next trick’, and proceeded to open the mysterious black bag he had been carrying all evening. Suddenly there was the incredible flapping of wings and Tweety Pie the Laurel bird emerged from the bag. Obviously confused and frightened, she began flying erratically around the room. First landing on the partly eaten cake, where she got a wingful of cream. As she continued her journey around the room she daubed this wing like a paintbrush on everything she touched. In an attempt to control the situation, Nancy threw a large piece of green jelly at the bird but missed. Unfortunately it hit Totto on the side of his face and he let out a roar. As he swiped the jelly of his face his hand hit the plate of jelly and it catapulted across the room, covering everybody in its path with jelly.
MonaLisa, with characteristic good sense said ‘calm down everyone, it was just an accident, Tissues and towels are available in the bathroom.’
Well everyone did calm down, which just goes to show what sensible folk howler monkeys are.
With lots of enthusiasm they all sang ‘Happy birthday dear Rosita’, and the assembled party began to drift towards the door.
‘It been a great party and thanks for having us’, said Sophie and the whole party echoed her sentiments.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Feliz cumpleaños para Rosita y déle un beso de mi parte, y espero que para el segundo cumpleaños haya crecido un poco mas y no se escape de su jaula.