Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Birthday honours list

It is difficult to give an exact date of birth for most of our children. They come from diverse locations. Some come from confiscation at the roadside and others come from good homes. But universally we cannot pinpoint the exact birthday or even year in some cases. It has been our policy at Cañaote to give everyone a birthday related to when they arrived here. Their arrival date is their birthday.

Emma 24/06/05
Eslabon 02/08/07 1 year old when arrived
Maniña 11/04/06 2 years old when arrived
MonaLisa 29/10/03 1 year and 9 months when arrived
Marco 17/12/03
Nancy 28/10/06
Rosita 14/07/06
Schatov 21/01/06
Sophie 12/02/04
Sussy 31/08/03 13 years old when arrived
Totto 17/06/06 ? when arrived
Tutti 09/06/07

If any one has more information about age or original date of birth, please mail me.

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