Thursday, July 05, 2007

Maniña has good table manners.

Howler monkeys are not known for their dexterity. Usually if a monkey interacts with human articles it is disastrous. Cups plates and pots go flying and usually end up broken on the floor. Monkeys live in trees and are not accustomed to handling human things. And that is the way it should be. However, from time to time one meets a Howler with exceptional skills. Maniña is one of those. Before he came to Cañaote, his owners allowed him the run of the house and took him out to restaurants. He is very sophisticated in human ways. He is emotional and has been known to sulk if he does not get his own way. He likes to embrace and to kiss if you will let him. He loves music and will encourage you to dance with him if he gets the rhythm. His idea of siesta is to curl up in a ball on your lap. He definitely has the human touch. He is skilled in table etiquette as you can see from our photograph. He is able to raise a cup or pot and lift it so he is able to drink out of it without spilling. He then places the cup back on the table without breaking it. Now that is clever.

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