Monday, July 30, 2007

Schatov and Maniña tonight at late night supper

Top Maniña with Schatov center.
Who ever said that howlers are expressionless? Just look at that expression on Schatov's face. If that isn't a smile then I don't know what is. They have reason to be happy. A plate of fresh salad and a bowl of orange juice makes a light supper and not too heavy a meal before retiring for the night. Schatov as usual will sleep with Tutti in David's room. Tutti waits for him to arrive and makes happy noises when Schatov jumps on the bed. Schatov has become his big brother and he really does stand up for Tutti. Maniña always shares with me.
Talking about big brother, have you noticed how big these two boys are getting?
Lots happening here this week. We are completing a new enclosure and building a house for it. We have renovated an old washing machine for afternoon naps. Howlers love to sleep in old washing machines. Pictures of course when we have finished.
We received a call from a family in Maracuy, wishing to bring a young male howler to us but more about that if it happens.

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