Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy birthday Rosita

Rosita is one year old today. In spite of all our efforts she is still a small person. I have previously mentioned that she is a great eater. Because she is so slim, she is able to leave her enclosure at will. During mealtimes she visits all the other enclosures, (except Totto and Sophie) and joins in the meals. At first we suspected worms, but our tests show negative. Next we considered her diet, but this is a well balanced meal and she has a great appetite. Finally we have decided to stop worrying about it and accept that she is just a small person. Recently we noticed some hair loss on Emma, who lives in the same enclosure. After taking a careful look we discovered that she has fleas and her scratching has caused the loss of hair. We were able to shampoo MonaLisa and Rosita but Emma is aggressive and resistant to being washed and Nancy is very protective of her foster mother. With them we resorted to flea powder and we are waiting to see the result. In the meantime it made sense to separate MonaLisa and Rosita to another enclosure. Without any difficulty, Rosita changed her own abode to be with her foster mother, MonaLisa. They are inseparable, Rosita really loves MonaLisa.
Later today we think a party has been arranged for Rosita’s birthday but it is all being kept hush hush. More about that later. Our picture shows Rosita enjoying her birthday breakfast this morning.

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