Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trees, leaves and the fruit of the forest

There are minor differences in the way we treat our Howlers. It depends partly on the circumstances of their lives before coming to Canaote and partly on their disposition. If a monkey has had a very domestic life, we try to provide at least some of the elements of that life, here. Without exception, all the Howlers have access to trees and sunshine and are provided with leaves and fresh forest foods. They all have their 'own space'.
The more domesticated ones like Schatov, Mañiña, MonaLisa and Rosita are allowed free run of our house in the afternoon and evening. This can cause some complications at mealtime but it's all fun and we enjoy the interaction.
Our pictures were taken yesterday and show Schatov and Mañiña in their morning enclosure. They are good pals and play together for a good part of the day.

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