Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nancy with the smiling face

Today we welcome Nancy to our family. Left, you see her sitting comfortably in her newly adopted blanket. She already loves it. On the right, she is sitting with Schatov who is behaving like a big brother, showing her around the house. Nancy comes to us from a family in Valencia. She has visited the Vet for a check up and she is in good health. She is about 4 months old. Certainly, it is too early to leave her mother. But what is too early? This poor little mite, has been torn from her mother and now lives with strangers. Her mother? You can guess. When will this terrible trade stop?
There is competition for her friendship, MonaLisa has already shown an interest and Schatov has been very friendly and given her a good welcome. It is early days and as usual, I will keep you informed on her progress. For many of our readers, English is not their first language. This is the reason I try to say many things with pictures. I hope it works for you.

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