Thursday, October 12, 2006

The singer not the song.

It has been said that my blog is very anthropomorphic and that I tend to treat the monkeys as if they are human children. This is not my particular intention although it does seen to come out that way. Possibly because their behavior is in many ways, similar. But there is an underlying message. I hope you are not missing it. These animals belong in the forest with their families. They are a part of a bigger design, which is flawed without them. It is wrong to take them from their habitat and to keep them in houses and cages. Once they have had contact with humans, they cannot be returned to the forest. The reasoning behind this is elsewhere on this blog. The message? Leave these proud animals in the forest where they can live full lives and come to the ultimate completion by having children
I have written about both of our featured personalities recently. Sussy and Totto. No, they don’t know each other and I have no idea how they would react if they met. Sussy is crazy about pancakes soaked in lemon juice and so am I. You see her here indulging in her favorite snack. Totto has shown himself to be a gentleman where the ladies are concerned. For example he always lets his wife, Sophie eat first, and stands between her and any visitor to their house. I really like this picture of him. It shows how handsome he is. He is a big monkey as you can see. His coat is shiny and evenly colored and he is in perfect health.

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