Saturday, October 21, 2006

I celebrate his young life.

I have delayed this posting because I could not decide what to say or even if I would report it at all.
On Thursday, we took Imanol, a young very healthy Howler monkey to a well known clinic in Valencia. I have previously reported that he had a severe leg fracture. He underwent over an hour of surgery, at the end of which the surgeons told me that the operation had been a success. They return to the operating theater. Shortly afterwards they told me that at the very end he had died of an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.
At a time like this, we all examine our consciences to see whether we were to blame.

The person who recommended this firm of veterinarians is blaming herself.
This is unproductive and useless thing to do. I examine my own actions. Example. If I did not permit, Luis Angel to feed Totto and Sophie, then I would have seen Imanol approaching their house and prevented him. It does not help to know why or how he died. He is dead and we cannot bring him back.
The blame starts when he was stolen from the forest. We are not to blame. We truly did everything in our power to help Imanol.

I celebrate his young life. I marvel at his love and his great faith in me. He was a gift from God, he changed my life whilst he was here. I organized my day around his needs and he was my constant companion.

He filled my life so much that now there is a great emptiness. I still expect him to steal my shaving cream and to grab my toothbrush. I expect to feel him sitting of my left foot as I walk around the farm. That emptiness I am sure will soon be filled. The Lord moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform.
I shall never forget Imanol. He was loved by everyone who met him.

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