Thursday, October 19, 2006

Emergency at Canaote

Yesterday was a low day here at Canaote. I have written about the inexplicably violent behavior of some female Howlers. I have also written about Imanol’s ability to escape from any enclosure. You remember we finally decided to let him run free in a limited way. Yesterday these two items came together and became prophetic. Imanol wandered close to the Totto, Sophie enclosure and began to climb. He is a very happy carefree and unsuspicious person. He little thought that Sophie had been watching him and was ready to pounce. Totto joined in, pulling Imanol further into the enclosure whilst Sophie bit Imanol’s tail deeply. Seeing this frightening sight, Luis Angel rushed to the aid of Imanol and dragged him away from the wire. Unfortunately, Imanol clung tenaciously to the fence. The result was a clean fracture of Imanol’s left leg. No one is to blame. Luis Angel was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I have seen the rage of female howlers and I support Luis in what he did. He had no other choice. We spent most of yesterday getting X-ray’s and visiting Veterinarians. Finally, we were able to set up an appointment for surgery early today. This has to be done quickly as delay could cause further complications. Our gruesome picture today is of the x-ray taken yesterday. He is in good spirits. In spite of all efforts to make him sit still and rest, he is as active as ever.I promised to give you the ups and the downs of their lives. This was one of the downs.

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