Monday, October 02, 2006

The old rocking chair.

Sussy is not a youngster. In fact, she is sixteen years old, intelligent, athletic and friendly. She has been a mother to several powerful males, and foster mother to Marco.
Sussy waits patiently for mealtimes. She has an excellent appetite. There is always a great welcome for visitors. Sitting in the sun is her morning occupation, until mid morning snacks. Siesta is at about midday for a couple of hours. Afterwards she will get on her rope rocking chair for the rest of the afternoon, watching the farm go by. Sussy is content. I sit with her during breakfast; she loves to hear me sing, as she gets comfortable on my lap. So what song does she really like? 'All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small'. At Seven thirty in the morning, why don't you sing it with us? (link at the bottom). This is when I get my second wash of the morning. Her human mother visits her at least once a month and has done during the whole three years that she has been with us. I don’t have any favorites but if I did..

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