Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rose tinted glasses

Monday evening started well. David arrived back from a weekend trip to the Palm Society in Caracas. The Rose Wine he offered me just before dinner was delicious. So much so that I helped myself to a few glasses. In this slightly rosy state, I heard a crash from just outside the living room door. Mañiña had left his enclosure early and was raiding the refrigerator in the kitchen. When I arrived, his guilty face was covered in ‘Toddy'. There was a broken cream pot on the floor. MonaLisa and Rosita were liberally spreading its contents. They had joined Mañiña in the kitchen raid.
I have a small fridge in my quarters. This is MonaLisa's favorite target. Its door is stiff but she has no difficulty in opening it. My fears were confirmed. She had attacked the fridge in the bedroom before moving on to the kitchen. The door was open and two packets of powdered potato were spread around the room. Whilst I was occupied in limiting the bedroom damage, Mañiña attacked a carton of red wine on the kitchen table. Fortunately, I was able to salvage most of it. The question I suppose is why do they do it? They are not hungry, but they do have a taste for foods that are 'forbidden'.
Schatov in the meantime, acting very superior and above this kind of thing, looked on from his comfortable cushion in front of the television.
Later in the evening, Nancy was introduced to this gang of thieves for the first time. MonaLisa predictably fell in love with her. I feared that she might reject Rosita in favor of Nancy but so far that has not happened. At bedtime, Mañiña slept quite happily alongside Nancy. I think that Schatov is going to be her best friend. They spend a lot of time together and the unhappy noises from Nancy are noticeably less. As for Rosita, we still do not know but her reaction seemed quite favorable.
As for Nancy herself, she is still missing her mother. Howlers have a universal language, and she is saying Wah oh. Which being roughly translated means 'Mother where are you?'. Bonding to a human will take more than a few weeks and I expect a lot of Wah Oh over the next days.

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