Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who is for coffee?

A few days ago we had intruders during the night. They entered Schatov’s garden and then left without doing any harm, except that they left the doors open. I cannot imagine what they though that they would find in a monkey house. Maybe they were looking for a sack to carry away their meager booty. Anyway, in the morning, Emma went out through the open door and when I first saw her at about 6.30 AM, she was enjoying herself in the high trees. She was eating leaves and making very happy noises. During this time, Schatov sat calmly on one of his pedestals enjoying the fun. Well it doesn’t take much effort to get Emma back into the enclosure. I just offered her a banana and she came down at once. We have now taken extra precautions and padlock the outer enclosure door every night. However, I am certain that this was just a one off event, not to be repeated. Most people are frightened of Araguatos even the small ones. In addition, there was nothing there to steal.

We have a helper in the kitchen every night now and my photograph tells you the story. Typhoo the tea people, advertise internationally with a chimpanzee tea party but how many people know that Howlers actually love coffee? Mañiña, in common with most Howlers, loves coffee. You see him checking out the quality of the Pantin Coffee, I don't know the commercial name but I think he should be on the advertising pay role. Even his color is that of a rich blend. We just have too many photographs of his games in the kitchen to show tonight.
Lots of news about Mañiña,Imanol and Rosita soon.
And what about that snake in the grass?
Totto and Sophie, a wedding to be announced?
Loads of hot news so keep connected.
Schatov is looking up at Emma in the trees above him; he is a little worried by her exuberance. See our story above.
Schatov left, Mañiña right.

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