Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not a dry eye in the house.

Rosita has lost no time in looking around for a boy friend. She has been showing an interest in Mañiña for some days now. Last night she was content to sleep in his arms rather than straddled around my neck. She really is developing at an extraordinary rate. Only a few short weeks ago, her legs were little spindles, I thought scarcely able to support her weight. Now they are quite chunky. She becomes more adventurous and precocious every day, with forages around the house and garden. I did not expect her to develop this quickly. Tomorrow we will take her to a small trees in the garden. Let see how she behaves as a real monkey.

Mañiña knows that his human family will visit him tomorrow. He is excited tonight.You told me he likes Toddy but more about that tomorow.

I suppose it is time to mention that many of our children have human friends that care and either enquire frequently or visit. However, we do have a number of children with no one to care except me and Louis Angel, the carer, here.

MonaLisa, brought here in October three years ago then forgotten, not one enquiry in that time. One of Christmas's forgotten toys. Tragic because she is the loveliest and sweetest natured Howler lady in the world.

Marco, Young and hansom young adult. Naughty at times (watch your hat) but lovable and very intelligent.

Sophie, a waif brought here and abandoned, no one enquires or brings her gifts. She has a pretty face and has lived here since she was tiny. Again she is intelligent and is loving. Likes riding a bicycle and loves her photograph being taken.

Emma, has a few carer friends from ARFA. (Unfortunately they have all moved away). Otherwise she has been abandoned. I fell in love with her long before she came to live with us. When she was still at ARFA, I visited her often. She is exceptional in that she walks on two legs, and is the constant loving companion of Schatov. She has an expressive manner. She lets you know if she likes you. She has a wonderful nature.

I could tell you so much more about each of these children. But better adopt one of them as your special friend. (Human Special Friend, HSF). What does that involve? Not much. Enquire after her/him. Visit. Send a gift of what ever you can afford, or any one or all of those things. Heavy? Yes a little but love is like that. I cannot think about them with dry eyes, can you?
Picture Mañiña giving Rosita a cuddle.

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