Sunday, August 20, 2006

Totto and Sophie in the morning chorus..

At first sight, I was sure that Totto was going to be a problem. We arranged a large enclosure for him. Literally, a house and garden. We converted our unused cheese room into a house and added an extensive enclosed garden. The garden already contained a large mature Calabash tree, famous for making maracas. (Cresenta cujete). The entrance to the garden is through a doorway that we built in one of the windows.
He was very aggressive when he first arrived and made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Canaote. Fortunately, he decided to avoid us whenever we entered his house. He would leave through the garden door, leaving us free to houseclean and provide food.
In the two months, that he has been here the situation has changed. His natural curiosity has overcome his aggression and he now has more confidence in us. He now greets us by rolling over on his back, in a sign that tells us that he has no aggressive intention. He knows that I often have a tidbit of one of his favorite munches in my hand.
In a previous posting, I reported on the experimental introduction of Sophie into his life. She is a mature adult and needs male attention. The initial meeting went quite badly but as time past, they have become good friends. They now sleep, eat and share the facilities of the garden together. I feel confident that they will be a successful pair. You will remember that MonaLisa adopted Sophie when she was very tiny. Sophie would still like to go home to mum but there comes a time in every girls life when she must leave home and give her loyalty to her husband. It will be interesting to see if this union will make changes in Totto's attitudes.
Where possible we try to pair our monkeys, to give them the dignity of parenthood. The very thing that was taken away from them when they were sold at the roadside.

Our photograph shows them together in full voice in the morning chorus.

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