Sunday, August 27, 2006

Murder most foul

Pablo the Pavo killed Tweety Pie the green parrot last night.
Two young macaws, two green parrots and a male turkey have lived, harmoniously, in the large tall enclosure in front of our house for two years. Until recently, and for six months, they also had four capuchin monkeys as guests. Pablo has always kept himself aloof from the others. However, we have never seen any sign of animosity between any of them. Last night at about five o’clock, I heard loud and urgent squawking. I rushed outside and saw Tweety Pie lying on her back with Pablo biting her chest and neck. Tweety Pie was in a bad way. She died in my arms a few hours later in spite of our aid. It is difficult to say what started the attack. It is possible that it was about food. But whatever, it was unexpected. Tweety Pie and her mate, Thomas were a loving and inseparable pair. Both were talkative and friendly. Tweety Pie was a star because she mimicked our housekeeper perfectly and this caused great amusement. One of the most memorable things was her ability to open padlocks. At one time, I named her 'chief of the escape committee'. Tweety Pie will be missed and not only by Thomas.
We have moved Pablo to other quarters.
Our photographs show Pablo being motherly to some eight-day-old chicks and Tweety Pie working on a padlock.

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