Sunday, August 06, 2006

Naivety which enhanced the charm

On Friday 4th August 2006 we visited ARFA, our companion rescue organization. The occasion was the birthday of the daughter of the president of ARFA, Sonia. The center was full of children from a local school. When we arrived, they were engaged in a drawing competition. A number of professors from a "Simon Rodriguez" University were helping organise the children. Some of the entries would easily rival mature artists. Lucy, the president told us that there was also a young dance group present and that they would perform for us.
We did a tour of the animals and took refreshment. Later, we got together for the real treat of the day.
The dancers were young and had the most beautiful dresses. The dress for each dance was different. A number of traditional Venezuelan dances were preformed, all with grace and enthusiasm. Many of these dances have the flavor of old Spain with typical flamenco footwork. Flamenco is a dance originating in Spain that features hand clapping and stamping of the feet, which was very expertly performed.
This was not a professional group. These children dance because they love it. It had a little naivety about it which enhanced the charm. What a pity it is that Venezuela does not show the world that it has a rich culture. We left excited by what we had seen.

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