Thursday, August 03, 2006

Living with Howlers. Part one. Lock up your fridges

Be sure that you have a lockable fridge. Mine doesn’t lock so I have a strong piece of rope which I can tie around it to keep the children out.
Don’t get mad when they do because it’s your fault. Have you never noticed all those fridges in the high trees with the doors open?
Our kitchen fridge has double doors so we wedge a wooden spoon between the handles. This works most of the time.
Get used to running your office or living room from the floor because that’s where most items in the room will end up. Therefore, you might as well put things on the floor to start with.
Howlers love causing noise and jumping from place to place, twisting their tails around anything, which comes within reach, particularly items that hit the floor with a crash, movable or unmovable. Naturally, the movable end up on the floor. You will never be able to stop them doing this. The best you can hope for is that they will look guilty afterwards.
If you pick them up when they don’t want to be picked up they will yell blue murder and fight back with pooh. They are capable of producing instant bad smelling diarrhea. Be warned.
Howlers are addicted to eating paper, especial of high denomination. Given a 10, a 20, a 50 and a 100 note, they will instinctively go for the 100 every time.

If you allow them to share your bed, estimate 75% for them 25% for you, on a good night.
Beware of the unexpected. We had a visitor, a lady who professed to love Howlers very much. MonaLisa bit her firmly on the bum. The lady said nothing but avoided MonaLisa for the rest of the visit.
A last word. If you deny them something that they really want, they are capable of tears and heart rending cries that could move the strongest resolve.

With all our faults, they still find us acceptable as friends and tolerate our shortcomings.

Our picture shows Mañiña siting out a rain storm with MonaLisa in the background. You can see their washing machine. They love to sleep in this in the afternoon. Top left corner you see their hammock This is a favorite place for them to play. In the evening they are both free to roam the house.

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